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Netlocal has been partnering with local small businesses to help them get found on the web by customers searching for their services for over ten years.

What makes us unique is our singular focus on Local Search Engine Optimization and our years of experience in the consumer and lifestyle medical field.

We measure everything we do in terms of the sales growth we help partners generate.

Our Services

Local SEO Experts

Optimization for google local business listings and organic requires specific expertise. It includes many of the same techniques use in all SEO but also requires an understanding of how google uses searches location as part of the algorithm.

We use a apply a range of SEO techniques that magnify your geographic address and/or service area while building trust and authority for your website. By doing this your website and google listing will rank higher for searchers in a wider geographic area.

We work only with local businesses. It’s our specialty.

Local SEO Experts​
10+ Experience

10+ Experience

We have been driving new client acquisition for our clients through SEO for 10 years now. Much has changed in the google landscape over that time period. We stay one step ahead of google search algorithm updates to ensure our client’s lead and sales flow never suffer.

After over ten years we have developed a set of best practices and expertise that we share with our business partners as we collaborate to build their business.

Leads and Sales Driven

All of our processes are design to leverage data to increase leads and sales. There is no room for gut checks when data is available. We research strategies thoroughly and readjust as we progress.

Bottom line, this is an investment our clients make to establish ongoing revenue. Every activity is informed by that goal.

Leads and Sales Driven
No Contracts

No Contracts

Our SEO services are on a monthly no contract basis. We will earn your business every month. You may discontinue services at any time for any reason.

No contracts do not of course mean no agreement. Our monthly agreements are detailed and customized for the specific needs for your SEO.

Total Transparency

Total transparency means total accountability. Our campaigns include the creation of a six to twelve month plan. This plan will allow you view and track all activity related to your campaign to ensure we are staying on track.

Along with task tracking you will have ongoing support from our team to ensure that you understand what we are doing and why.

Total Transparency
Progress Tracking

Progress Tracking

We benchmark each client’s data at the start of a campaign and show progress as we proceed. This data includes reports from google analytics, google search console and other tools that allow us to measure site traffic and keywords.

But these reports are only measure a means to an end. The end result of course is leads and sales growth.

Affordable SEO Packages

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Bella Medspa
“NetLocal allowed us to launch our company using our available budget and then to build on that success as we grew. We likely would never have survived through this economy if we hadn’t chosen an aggressive web marketing strategy.”

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Netlocal has been partnering with local small businesses to help them get found on the web by people searching for their services for nearly ten years.

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