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Netlocal has been partnering with local small businesses in the Harrisburg Pennsylvania area to help them get found on the web by providing exceptional SEO services. We know that search engine optimization is key to your business’s success, and we want to help you optimize your digital presence.

About netlocal

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Did you know that the google search algorithm factors in the geographic location of the searcher?

As a Harrisburg SEO company, NetLocal Search Engine Optimization is designed to help our clients acquire new customers and increase leads. There are too many Harrisburg SEO agencies out there who offer empty promises, and we aren’t that kind of company. We’re the kind of company you can trust thanks to our track record.

We measure everything we do in terms of leads and increased sales that your SEO investment produces through our efforts. Our comprehensive SEO services can take your business to the next level.

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About Our Local SEO Services


Optimization for google local business listings and organic search is our specialty.


We have been driving new client acquisition for our clients through SEO for 10 years now.


Total transparency means total accountability. We create a monthly plan for you to follow.


Our SEO services are on a monthly no contract basis. We will earn your business every month.


All of our processes are data driven. There is no room for gut checks when data is available.


We benchmark each client's data at the start of a campaign and show progress as we proceed.

NetLocal Local SEO Packages

Best Harrisburg SEO AGENCY for Organic Search Ranking

Optimizing for local search involves some key strategies and tactics not utilized in general, non-local search engine optimization. If you are a local business you will need this specialized approach from an SEO company to compete for potential customers online. Netlocal is a digital marketing agency for local businesses. When Google determines that the intent of a search is to find a local provider they display a Google My Business (GMB map listing. Usually this consists of the top three ranked on google maps, also known as the “3 pack”.

More than 50% of all clicks for a given search go to one of the businesses in the three pack. This can increase traffic to your website and boost lead generation. At NetLocal our goal isn’t to create impressive google analytics and website traffic reports. We measure our success as an SEO company by the growth of your business.

Schedule a meeting with the owner for an analysis of the search volume for your business and what it will realistically take to displace your competition in google organic search. Learn more about founder/CEO John DiBella.

OUR Team

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Content Manager/Local SEO


We provide a range of SEO services that magnify your geographic address and/or service area while building trust and authority for your website. By doing this your website and google listing can rank higher for searchers in a wider geographic area. We only work with local businesses. It’s our specialty. Our track record speaks for itself.

We meet with our partners at least once per month to review activities, performance, current and upcoming sales initiatives and to brainstorm SEO services to guide your SEO campaign and develop business. This allows us to share our experience and knowledge with our partners and learn from them in the process. We need to know how your business works and what motivates your clients to do a good job for you.

Get started now. Submit a free analysis form to get a personalized video analysis of your business’s local SEO. We’ll design an analysis along with recommendations for SEO services that can elevate your business.


More than 50% of all clicks for a given search go to one of the businesses in the three pack. This can increase traffic to your website and boost lead generation.

NetLocal Search Engine Optimization for Local Business is comprehensive – on site optimization, social media, google local listings…and more at competitive pricing. Our SEO services are not a quick fix. We do not provide temporary, immediate solutions for lasting challenges. Our SEO services consist of honest work, careful optimization, and consistent effort to ensure sustainable business growth and continual results for your brand. We are the most reliable Harrisburg search engine optimization company for all of those reasons.

Being found high in the “natural” internet web results in a local search for the services and products that you offer lends credibility to your business. Click through and conversion rates tend to be much higher for this type of internet traffic. We design locally-targeted search engine optimization so you can reach customers searching for your services and products in your service area in no time. That’s why Harrisburg SEO services are so beneficial for local businesses.

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Best Seo Marketing For Small Businesses

Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns can be a cost effective way to get new customers, if done well. There are many moving parts to a paid search campaigns. Knowing how to manipulate and tweak each element can have a huge impact on the effectiveness of your campaign.

Lead tracking of phone calls and contact forms as a direct result of clicks is vital. Based on your business goals and budget, NetLocal can run your campaigns to hit targets of cost per lead. Your website design for online marketing must represent your brand in the most positive light when viewed on any device and lead them to contacting you. It should contain media that conveys your brand and it should be interactive, easy to navigate, and designed to encourage the user to “look no further.” We get more customers to navigate to your website. In short, we use search engine marketing to take advantage of search engine results and drive more revenue to your business. Forget the other SEO companies in Harrisburg. Unlike those firms, we take pride in delivering results above all else.

Affordable Harrisburg Seo PACKAGES

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Relevant, targeted and optimized Harrisburg SEO Websites

Relevance refers mostly to the content on your website. What is your website about and what do you offer? Does your website design communicate your brand and speak to the customer? The way the information is organized on your website is very important. Googles bots crawl it to index looking for. NetLocal offers the best internet marketing services out of all of the companies in Harrisburg.

Your website is the platform for content marketing as part of your digital marketing strategy. As an SEO company, NetLocal can provide all web page, blog creation, and GMB services to maximize your online presence.

Along with website design and development Netlocal’s SEO digital marketing services include:

SEO Internet Marketing to Emphasize Proximity

Because google factors in location to search results our work also involves emphasizing proximity indicators… your business address or service area’s proximity to the searcher or stated intent of the searcher. This is achieved using on and off site methods. Content building on site and off along with acquiring backlinks, citation building, point of interest pages and on site schema among other things.

The process of building online trust with google is not quite the same as building authority. Authority is mostly acquired through quality inbound links to your website. Trust has more to do with where google finds mention of your brand online such as on social media.

This is also referred to as Entity Building. Entities are “things”. Google looks for indicators that confirm your brand and a real thing. Google doesn’t assume that just because you have purchased a domain name, created a website and activated a Google My Business listing that you are a real business.

Depending on several factors your business may need to help with establishing entity trust with google.



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Building Trust with Google at our SEO Agency

Trust and authority are very important for ranking for google maps. Off site signaling that mentions your business name, address and phone (NAP) whether with a link to your website or not plays as much a part of your ranking for website and google maps listing as optimization of your website it’s self. As an SEO company, our systems allow us to take the steps necessary to build trust for your brand on line effectively through something called entity building.

Increase Your Website's Authority

Link building to your website helps build authority with google. In turn, this will help you rank higher for all relevant keyword searches. Not any inbound link will help your website’s authority. Many factors go into to finding and selecting the right links that will help you gain authority such as relevance, authority and site traffic of the linking website. Our Harrisburg SEO experts have a well developed process to identify and acquire the right links for your website.

At NetLocal we use only “White Hat” methods for link building. Our SEO strategists vet all prospects for linking to assure that your website doesn’t wind up with useless or even harmful links.

We make sure that your inbound links are correctly distributed to pages on your website and the best anchor text is used. Links to specific service pages and your GMB landing page using keywords can help you rank better for specific keywords. Links to your home page using your brand can help with the over all authority of the website and brand trust.

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