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SEO for Orthodontists

Every month in the U.S., there are over 112,000 Google searches for “orthodontist near me.” Converting some of those searchers into clients is the key to your practice’s growth, and NetLocal can help you make that happen.

We have many years of experience in helping locally-oriented businesses grow through local SEO, and we have the track record to show for it. Keep reading to learn more about orthodontist SEO marketing and why NetLocal is the best marketing agency for your orthodontist practice.

Successfully marketing an orthodontic practice is critical to its success. However, that mission can be extremely challenging because it forces owners to compete over a specific geographic area for a limited number of potential patients.

Orthodontists must communicate their diagnostic expertise and track record to prospective patients. That’s why your website is your greatest asset–it gives you the chance to educate patients about your skill and experience.

Orthodontist SEO Marketing
Orthodontist SEO Marketing

As with any local business, search engines can serve as an asset or a stumbling block. A website built with knowledge about the metrics valued by search providers is the best way to climb the search engine results pages (SERP).

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can lead to a prominent place in Google’s search rankings by maximizing your site’s design, user friendliness, and content effectiveness.

The internet is constantly evolving as users’ preferences and technology shift. SEO, too, is an evolving tool you must use to maintain your online reputation.

Pairing your knowledge of orthodonture and medical industry trends with an effective SEO strategy will ensure a steady stream of website visits and new patients.

What is Orthodontic SEO?

SEO is the ever-evolving method web designers and marketing experts use to develop websites and strategies that adhere to search engines’ ranking criteria.

Search providers thrive by delivering relevant, high-quality, and useful results for their searchers’ queries. Glitchy websites with outdated aesthetics and low-quality webpages repel users.

A site with up-to-date code that ensures stable, fast, and consistent website performance is vital. Rapid load times and reliability are critical for maximizing your ranking.

Your site must also feature high-quality blog posts and visual content. Educational posts about advances in orthodonture or recent clinical studies and striking before-and-after photos inform search engines that patients can find valuable information on your page.

Effective SEO campaigns also require consistency. Ensuring your phone number and address are correct across multiple sites and establishing a distinct brand identity across the web and social media platforms cements you as a reliable practice that searchers would want to visit.

Schedule a meeting with the owner for an analysis of the search volume for your business and what it will realistically take to displace your competition in google organic search.

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What are the Benefits of Search Engine Optimization for Orthodontists?

Implementing an SEO strategy sustains growth and establishes an ongoing flow of new patients. This is important because orthodontists face challenges that dentists don’t. They have a smaller client pool than many other dental providers, and their patients often only visit them once.

People constantly find and book services online. A vibrant online presence conveys your practice’s reputability and desirability.

Countless studies confirm that few internet users make it past the first three results returned by their search. Almost no one makes it past the first page. You must appear at the top of search results to have a chance at ensnaring prospective patients.

Beyond generating appointments, effective SEO can crowd out your competitors. Your climbing up the rankings drives other practices down them. Once you attract visitors to your site, your excellent design and compelling content will keep them there.

The more time a patient spends visiting you, the more likely they are to book some of your services. They’re also less likely to visit a competitor’s site.

Orthodontic SEO Services

Link Building

Search engines value sites with high-quality linking. It shows that your site is well-integrated and user-friendly. Internally, pages for specific services should link back to parent pages that house broader topics.

Links to contact information and detailed pages should organically populate your site to draw patients in to book appointments and follow-ups.

Additionally, high-quality website content can win you links from other sites, which in turn pushes you up the search rankings.

SEO Content Writing

Patients have countless questions about orthodontics that you can answer. Well-written, concise, and compelling web pages and blog posts are an excellent way to separate yourself from other practices.

Tailoring your blogs to answer common questions about orthodontic services will broaden your ability to capture an audience. Beyond the quality of your copy, you must strategically use keywords, page titles, title tags, HTML formatting, and meta-descriptions to ensure your blog post is picked up by search engines’ filters.

Google My Business Local SEO for Orthondists

Google my business local listings can be a valuable source of for new patient acquisition. It’s important to show up in the “3 pack” in the search engine results for relavant searches.

Your patient pool is limited to your geographic vicinity due to patients’ travel restrictions. Fortunately, search engines value location-based services and compile results for searchers based on where they live.

Nuances of the market, regional terminology, and the local calendar all influence how and when people search. You’ll need to shape your local search strategy with an eye toward your target clients. This will help you stand out from your competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

SEO involves keyword research, generating content, and enhancing web design. The process can start almost immediately and search engines’ algorithms are constantly assessing sites, but results typically take up to three months to materialize.

Optimizing your dental website can be done relatively quickly once a viable strategy and plan are established. From there, ongoing commitment to SEO best practices is necessary to stay at the top of the rankings.

The metric that matters most is booked appointments. Once you see an increase in new patient bookings, you’ll know your SEO efforts are paying off.

A conversion tracker is the best way to calculate ROI. You can also calculate it by hand. First, subtract the cost of your investment from your incoming revenue to calculate profit. Then divide the profit by the investment cost and multiply the answer by 100 to yield your ROI. Dividing the ROI by your investment cost and multiplying it by 100 gives you the ROI percentage.

Once it’s optimized, your orthodontic website will bring in organic traffic without further financial investment. As patients visit, comment, review, and post about your practice, your site will secure a foothold in both social media and search results.

Beyond SEO, there are several methods that are effective for orthodontists. For example, PPC and Google Adwords are highly effective when used correctly.

Claiming and managing your Google My Business profile also guarantees the accuracy of your contact info and hours. This flows into Google Maps and other location-based services to ensure that you look like a trusted provider.

Orthodontists must also use Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for marketing purposes. Tailoring your messages on each platform can promote brand awareness and lead to additional conversions.

As an SEO company, NetLocal has partnered with medical practices to elevate their dental marketing campaigns, and we’ve seen fantastic results. By combining our dental SEO expertise with your knowledge of orthodonture, we can craft a digital marketing strategy that’s sure to take your dental practice to the next level.

Check out the rest of our site today to learn more about our services or to schedule a free consultation before which we’ll analyze your practice’s website.