Small Business SEO Web Design Philadelphia

Small Business SEO Web Design

Our SEO web designers use these basic guidelines to assure the quality of the websites we produce. We want our clients to feel comfortable that visitors to their site will have a positive experience. We also want to make sure that search engines will easily crawl and index the site.

SEO Web Design and Usability Standards Check List

    Local Search Engine Optimization:
  • See Google Sexy Specs

  • Resolution Independent
  • Graphics height and width specified in code

  • Inline text links colors – Blue before clicked, Red (purple) after
  • All external links open a new browser window

  • No more than two fonts used on site
  • Use % font sizes not absolute
  • Use San-Sarif fonts for web readability/li>

  • W3C Validated
  • No Frames
  • Minimized page file sizes
  • Use CSS, not tables to layout webpage
  • Do not use images to display text
  • Call up images through css

    Home Page Design:
  • Make clear what the site is.
  • Quickly communicate big picture…what is this?
  • What do they have here?
  • What can I do here?
  • Why should I be here and not somewhere else?
  • What is the Purpose of this site?
  • Where do I start?
  • Separate Primary navigation from Utilities

    Browser compatibility:
  • All pages tested on Firefox, IE6, IE7, Netscape, Opera, Mac OSX/Safari, Google Chrome

  • Clear feedback to user
  • Validation to client specification

  • Image size specified in html code (to increase page down load speed)
  • Alt Tags Used for SEO Web Design


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