Small Business Search Engine Optimization

So you’ve got this great idea for a new service business, you have become an expert in your field or you are just simply determined to create and grow your own business and you know you can make a great offer. But (and here is the big but-no pun intended) who will know and who will care?

Finding ways to sell your service cost effectively and create a customer base is just as important as the great idea or the expertise. Many great ideas fail simply because they could not find their market or their market could not find them. Search Engine Optimization is by far the best way to promote your new business, added service or even an existing business.

Small Business SEO Statistics

As of 2011, only 30% of small businesses had a search engine optimization plan and 80% of the web users were searching online for local services. This means that 70% of small businesses are losing out on a big way of promoting their business.

This offers a lot of opportunity for the businesses that create a strong online presence sooner rather than later, that is if you are a part of the 30% that have a small business search engine optimization plan. If you don’t, it means that that a good percentage of businesses have the upper hand over you when it comes to getting business in the first place.

There is no need to worry that your business won’t take off because of your lack of marketing skills. You do not need any sort of special training or education; in fact, much of what needs to be done to connect with customers online, you can actually do yourself with some time and effort. Anything that you can’t do can be outsourced effectively if you know how to do it. I use “connect with customers” instead of “reach” them because in search engine marketing the prospects are actively searching for your service, or at minimum have an expressed interest.

This is a bit of a turnaround for business people who are used to seeing advertising as a push function instead of a pull. Your company’s website is not going to search for customers but rather you and the searcher will meet half way. They are looking for you but you have to know how to be found.

SEO Small Business Plans

The intent of these web pages is to give you enough information and know how to create an small business search engine optimization plan, get it off the ground and profit from it. There is a great deal more to learn than is covered here but there are plenty of resources out there that I will recommend. You can consider this as a guide in creating a search engine optimization plan and putting it into action.

Your website design and web marketing efforts don’t necessarily need to be extravagant. As far as search engines are concerned, it’s the least bad that gets the best ranking so you will only need to put enough effort in to be better than your local competition. This will vary with industry and location.


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