Local Internet Marketing – Tracking Paid Search with URL Tags

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Many paid services will list you ad on multiple sites. Good examples are CitySearch and ASK PPC. Your analytics tool will not show source visits form the service site when the ad is shown on a different one. And since you are paying for these clicks or the for the listing you will want to know if you are converting.

When that happens how do you track site visits associated with the service to track your local internet marketing campaigns? When a lsiting is set up on a service that will be showing your ad on multiple sites always use tracking URLs. Tracking URLs are created buy adding a little code snippet at the end of the URL that tells your analytics tool how to catagorize the visit. A google tag for city search may look lie this

“?utm_source=citysearch&utm_medium=listing&utm_campaign=CitySearch” and is appended to the end of the URL. This one will show up on your google sources and CitySearch even if the source comes from a ASK local business listing. (by the way, CitySearch feeds ASK local business listings and others)

So if you are spending X $ on CitySearch every month, and assuming you have conversion tracking set up, you can know if your $X spend is returning sales. You can also get all the other important site usage info related to to your CitySearch campaign. If your bounce rate is super high and you’re certain you have This approach can be used for any lsiting or ad (including banner ads) you have running.
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