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Maximize Conversions - Minimize Spend

Many PPC campaigns employ thousands of keywords. But how many of those keywords actually generate sales? During these tough economic times businesses need to leverage every marketing dollar.

By researching and selecting keywords with high relevancy and a strong Online Commercial Intent Index we are able to focus our efforts and marketing spend. These times require that we don’t waste our efforts.

Our fees are not directly linked to your cpc spend. We have incentive to minimize your spend instead of maximizing it.

Our Commitment: We Won't Work For Your Competition

For us, it's personal. We have an "Us Against Them" mentality about helping our clients to win business through the internet. NetLocal takes only one client per industry / product / service per geographic area.

We never provide PPC management or SEO services to our clients competitors. Be assured, we will use every creative resource we have to help beat your local competition.

Conversion Focused

Visits to your website are necessary to build conversions. But site visits must be from “the right” visitors to acquire new customers.

By embedding our conversion tracking systems in our PPC services we measure not only site visits but leads. Our tracking and reports center on the contacts you receive from our efforts.

Our goal is to spend as little as possible on clicks to get you the results that you need.

Our Call Tracking Voice Services

Our search marketing firm, state of the art phone tracking system not only tracks lead generation but provides valuable information about call trends and the callers themselves.

With a Dynamic Number Replacement Technology we are able to change numbers in online placements on the fly based on important campaign variables such as keywords and search engines.

Call recording is also available to allow you to listen to your associates and give feedback to improve customer acquisitions.

Pay Per Click Management Pricing

NetLocal has a dedicated team of experienced Pay Per Click Advertising professionals with expertise in LOCAL, who will maximize your conversions on all major search engines, including Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

NetLocal’s pricing model is based on the needs of our clients. All of our services may be obtained individually or in their entirety. Fees are based on such things as number of keywords, number of adgroups, scope of campaign, and the expected frequency of updates.

Netlocal does not re-sell clicks. We feel it is a conflict of interest to manage a Pay Per Click Advertising campaign and to also be the seller of clicks. By charging a management fee and focusing our efforts on conversions our goals are aligned with our clients. As a pay per click company, we have built in motivation to minimize ad spend and maximize conversions for our clients.

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Our PPC Services

From geo targeting to kewyord selection to quality score improvement and landing page optimization. We will make sure that you are getting the best possible ROI from your pay per click advertisers.

Conversion Tracking

If only you could know for certain how effective your print, radio and tv ads were. Well when you advertise through pay per click you can. By using web analytics and our embedded phone tracking system we can track every lead you get.

Analytics for Local SEO

Using web analytics we can important site usage, conversion and geo targeting data to measure results as well as make continuous improvements. Learn more about our analytics methods for local Search Engine Optimization.

Local Listing SEO

One of the three legs of local search marketing strategy, local listings can bring leads who are at the very end of the buying cycle. They are looking for a provider near them because they are ready to purchase. Learn More>>

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