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NetLocal researches, plans and implements all forms of paid search for our clients. Paid search includes Pay Per Click advertising, contextual ads using banner images, video and text as well as paid inclusion.

Paid search is used both for direct sales and branding and allows use to engage the customer at many points in the purchasing process.

We offer PPC management for account set up and all maintenance. Our bidding strategy employs online commercial intent metrics as well as conversion tracking and analytics results. All ads are implemented with tracking code to measure the effectiveness.

A continuous feedback loop allows us to bid for best results, build our keyword list over time, refine our ad writing and design more effective landing pages.

Our paid search services also include banner ad design and placement as well as consultation and implementation for paid listings on directories and search engines.

Venues for contextual marketing are well researched to match the business target demographics to the demographics of the advertising site. We recommend sites that have a high correlation to the target demographics.

We see advertising on sites that don’t have an exact match as a waste of our client’s money.

Pay Per Click Advertising

94,000,000 Americans are using the internet every day. In June 2007 almost 10 billion users searched and many were for businesses or services just like yours.

NetLocal’s Web Marketing experts develop customized local internet marketing campaigns that are designed to reach your target market and build business.

Paid Inclusion

Search engines
Niche/Vertical directories
Websites that display banner ads
Google Places Tags


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What we won't do - generate as many keywords as possible in an effort to simply spend you money on clicks. Our services are conversion focused. Our Pay Per Click Managers priorities are cost per lead and ROI.

PPC Services & Methods

Keyword selection, competitive research, landing page optimization, off page optimization, conversion tracking and analytics. NetLocal Pay Per Click Company Methodology
NetLocal Pay Per Click Advertisers Services

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