Local Business Listings Details

Local Listing Details

Service Includes:

Listing Directories Submissions
This will make sure that customers can find you on search engines, online yellowpages, social networks, and mobile/GPS devices.
  Submission to Listing Aggregators (infoUSA Express Update, Acxiom)
These sources hold and distribute the anchor data about your company, They are used by the local business listings search platforms. If ANY of these have bad data, you can possibly over-write any data you submit.
  Comprehensive Business Verification
Your business information is authenticated by authoritative third party sources. This will increase publishers’ confidence in its accuracy and can lead to faster publication.
  Add credibility to your listings with high-level verification
Your business is verified using thorough checks as to its existence. Multiple verification methods are deployed, including those employed by banks and other issuers of credit.
  Receive a 'Verified Business' seal
You can place a Verified Business seal with your name included on your website and in your emails, providing customers and partners a high degree of confidence that they will be working with a legitimate business.
  Manual Submissions to 15 major search sites.
Data aggregator methods are very reliable but they take several weeks to display. They also do not take all the data fields you submit. This provides a method to get faster online visibility on important sites, as well as important additional information about your business.
  Presence analysis for listing accuracy across the Web.
This provides an evaluation and check of where your listings are showing up, along with any conflicts that can be addressed directly by you. (analysis report approx 120 days after submission)

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Profile Pages

One could argue that having a website is no longer necessary. There are so many dispersed platforms available on the web that all one really may need is a profile page and to optimize your business local listing.

Google Places Optimization

Google Business Listing combines geographic data with keywords to present to the searcher the best (most relevant) provider of a service or product there is the for the given location.

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