Local SEO Search Stats FAQ

86% of potential customers use google my business maps to locate a local business. Google My Business map listings might be the most important SERP real estate for a local business. It is used by most people to locate local services.

97% of users searched online to find a local business. Consumers have become reliant on google to find local services. 54% of us are making searches to find local services at least once a month, and 12% search for a local business every day.

46% of all searches on google have local intent. This is why google factors in the location of the searcher. Their algorithm uses location and local intent of the searcher to determine what to include in the SERP.

28% of all local searches generate a purchase. Users searching for local businesses have a high commercial (purchase) intent. They are ready to contact a provider.

78% of local searches on mobile result in an offline purchase. Most websites get over 70% of their site traffic via mobile devices. And they are using them to find service providers in their area.

70% of consumers will contact a business based on information found online. Search results are a huge influencer for customers looking for service provider online. This makes reviews and other brand information about your business very important.

24.4% clicks of go to the first result in local business searches. Not only does it give your more clicks but it the first position in search carries with it a status that gives you brand integrity.

“Near me” mobile searches increased 136% last year. “Near me” in the search makes the search explicitly local. By emphasizing your business local with you SEO is a very important part of Local SEO.

Over 50% of “Near me” searches will result in a customer lead. Considering the obiose intent of a “near me” search the high conversion rate only makes sense. Your business needs to be in the top results for “near me” searches for your most important services.

62% of customers will disregard a business they cannot find online. This speaks to trust and authority. The impression most people get of a business they can’t find online is that they are not credible operators.

12% of potential customers look for online reviews before choosing a business. Every business needs to have a process for generating consistent online reviews. Reach out to your clients after each visit or service transaction for reviews. It can also help with your website’s online authority for SEO.

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