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Homes and commercial spaces are the largest investments people make throughout their lives. It’s no wonder that, after property damage, people feel overwhelmed, helpless, and frantic. They want to solve the problem quickly, but they need someone trustworthy to restore their home or place of business.

Faced with such an emergency, people may not recall the great experience a friend had with a restoration company or take the extra time to procure multiple estimates. Time is of the essence, which is why nearly everyone goes to the internet to search for local restoration companies.

Due to that tendency, your ability to generate leads and book appointments for your restoration business is dependent upon how high you rank on search engine results pages.

Understanding search engine optimization (SEO) and taking advantage of local SEO metrics can help you get in front of prospective customers before your competition steals them. In the fast-paced world of restoration, excellent SEO tactics will engage customers and quickly establish trust, which is why it’s the single most important facet of your internet marketing strategy.

NetLocal Local SEO Packages

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For Organic Search Ranking

We use a range of SEO techniques that magnify your geographic address and/or service area while building trust and authority for your website. By doing this your website and google listing can rank higher for searchers in a wider geographic area. We only work with local businesses. It’s our specialty. Our track record speaks for itself.

Optimizing for local search involves some key strategies and tactics not utilized in general, non-local search engine optimization. If you are a local business you will need this specialized approach to compete for potential customers online. Netlocal is a digital marketing agency for local businesses. When google determines that the intent of a search is to find a local provider they display a the Google My Business (GMB map listing. Usually this consists of the top three ranked on google maps, also known as the “3 pack”.

More than 50% of all clicks for a given search go to one of the businesses in the three pack. This can increase traffic to your website and boost lead generation. At NetLocal our goal isn’t to create impressive google analytics and website traffic reports. We measure our success by the growth of your business.

Contact us to learn about customized Local SEO Packages.

Schedule a meeting with the owner for an analysis of the search volume for your business and what it will realistically take to displace your competition in google organic search.

About Our Local SEO Services


Optimization for google local business listings and organic search is our specialty.


We have been driving new client acquisition for our clients through SEO for 10 years now.


Total transparency means total accountability. We create a monthly plan for you to follow.


Our SEO services are on a monthly no contract basis. We will earn your business every month.


All of our processes are data driven. There is no room for gut checks when data is available.


We benchmark each client's data at the start of a campaign and show progress as we proceed.

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SEO, or search engine optimization, is a wide-ranging practice in which you learn about your prospective clients, isolate unique search terms, and ingrain them throughout your marketing to capture the attention of search engines like Google.

Search engines survive by delivering great content to users. They employ algorithms that assess your site’s relevance to search terms, the amount of quality content you have, your site’s reliability, and your web design to rank your site amongst similar providers.

SEO tactics are part science and part art. You need to be fluent in what the search engines want while delivering compelling content to the actual customer. You’re simultaneously courting the search engine and the person at their keyboard.

SEO requires a multilayered strategy in which you create a consistent online presence. Text, video, site mechanics, and social media presence all supply data to the search engines as they filter through websites.


What is SEO?

SEO involves designing your website so that it meets and exceeds the criteria Google and other search engines use to rank businesses. Search providers thrive by sending their customers to the highest-quality websites that offer the best content.

That’s why search engines assess the technical performance, aesthetics, usability, and quality of information offered by each website they host. Designing your site from the ground up with an eye on the metrics search engines prize can catapult you to the top of their results.

Why Does My Restoration Company Need SEO?

Restoration SEO Marketing

Your customer’s primary tool for booking restoration services is the internet. After catastrophic damage, they typically act quickly, which is why you won’t have the chance to sell yourself to prospective customers if you don’t appear at the top of the search results.

A high-ranking site is inherently legitimate and trustworthy, making it even more important for a restoration company to rank at the top of the results. Fortunately, effective SEO tactics can help you cultivate a satisfied customer base and improve your online reputation.

Industry Keywords

You need to feature the keywords people use when searching for restoration services on your website. Identifying the services with the highest profitability and broadest demand will help you capture the most desirable customers.

A high ranking hinges on coupling technical terms and business trends with the more colloquial jargon searchers use. When it comes to SEO, you can’t skimp on identifying the right keywords. All great SEO campaigns begin with thorough keyword research.

Local Keywords

Your services are likely limited to a specific geographic area. That’s why utilizing regional terminology and focusing on the damage most likely to be suffered by your prospective clients is critical. You want to research local search results for your services and tailor your SEO campaigns accordingly.

Search engines center their results on specific areas thanks to maps and location services, so tailoring your site to your region is vital. The restoration industry can be highly competitive, but identifying and taking advantage of local search terms can help you get a leg up on the competition.

Secondary Keywords

Digging deeper into how customers search is also critical. Research into services that complement restoration or terms prospective clients search that are related to specific types of property damage can help you anticipate their behavior.

It’s in your best interest to present yourself to discerning searchers who use more focused terms before they hear from an insurance representative or contractor.

Linking Structure

Links are vital. Pages within your site must be interconnected both technically and thematically through the use of backlinks. Linking keeps visitors on your site longer and boosts its SEO ranking because longer visit duration tells search engines your site is worthwhile.

Building links to and from reputable sources in the industry also signals that your site offers quality information. Link-building is a crucial SEO skill that, if mastered, can make all the difference for your online presence.

Website Images

Your site needs to deliver striking visuals that load quickly and render in high definition. Stock photos and generic graphics unrelated to your industry are considered irrelevant and extraneous. You need to populate your site with original images that convey the scope of your restoration services.

Website Code and Structure

Coding and web design are ever-evolving disciplines that ensure sites offer an efficient and appealing user experience. Search engines assess the nuts-and-bolts structure of sites because they only want to send users to cutting-edge, reliable sites.

Website Loading Time

A difference of a fraction of a second in load time may as well be an hour to a search engine. Your site must load virtually instantly. Sites that take more than a moment to render drive visitors away. Anything but the fastest load time will tank your ranking.

Review Generation and Management

Reviews and feedback from customers are invaluable. They show your business delivers such high-quality service that customers are compelled to share their experiences. Sites with reviews climb the rankings.

Soliciting reviews from satisfied customers and responding to negative feedback is critical to maximizing your SEO.

Competitive Analysis

Your competitors’ websites are public, as is yours. An assessment of their design, load times, and the quality of their content can inform the benchmarks you need to exceed to outrank them. The higher you climb, the lower you can push the competition.

Analytics and Reporting

Search engines publish the metrics they use for assessing websites. That means your website’s performance and design can be quantified to assess how you’re performing. Reports on your traffic, visits, and conversions can inform your web design and the revisions you make to your marketing strategy.

Why Choose NetLocal?

As an SEO company with an extensive track record, NetLocal understands the need to blend a broad understanding of how people choose restoration services with the nuances of your locale. We strive to make the technical aspects of SEO marketing campaigns clear to our clients so that, together, we can combine your restoration expertise and market knowledge with our SEO expertise.

Through open communication and close collaboration, we can craft a unified restoration marketing strategy that resonates with consumers and elevates your profile. With our SEO services, we can turn you into the go-to provider for restoration services in your area.

Our SEO strategy for your site will be data-driven, with the ultimate goal of augmenting your sales. To date, our SEO experts have helped all of our local business owners climb Google’s rankings and establish footholds that have consistently led to higher annual profit margins.

If you want top-notch content marketing, Google My Business (GMB) management, keyword research, and on-page SEO services, NetLocal is the online marketing partner for you. Our marketing services can help you supercharge your lead generation, attract significantly more organic traffic, and rope in potential customers faster and more efficiently than you ever have before.

Whether you’re a struggling small business or an industry player already on Google’s first page, we can help you take advantage of Google’s algorithm and perfect your digital marketing tactics. Our SEO packages are competitively priced, and we take pride in offering more value for your investment than any other SEO marketing agency.

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SEO is more relevant than ever in 2022, and reliance on the internet has only grown due to the pandemic. Today, SEO tactics are wielded by companies across the internet, whether on Google, social media platforms, or elsewhere.
Generally, the best SEO strategy you can implement is creating a cutting-edge website filled with quality content that’s aimed toward your target market. Assessing your market and surveying your competitors’ SEO strategies will help you determine the best ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors and climb Google’s rankings.
Results of effective SEO strategies typically begin to emerge within six months of their implementation. Then the domino effect occurs as a higher ranking drives more traffic, which in turn drives your ranking even higher. Within twelve months, your profits should increase as a result of your SEO efforts.