Men’s Health Digital Marketing

SEO is critical to men’s health digital marketing. If you aren’t on page one of Google’s search results, your potential clients won’t see your website and learn about your practice.

NetLocal has years of experience helping businesses attract new clients through effective SEO. We take pride in our ability to convert potential clients into paying clients through our targeted SEO strategies.

Men’s Health Digital Marketing
Men’s Health Digital Marketing

As physicians specializing in men’s health know, men’s health practices face an uphill battle compared to women’s health when it comes to generating website traffic and converting those visits to appointments. Men generally delay or avoid routine medical care.

That’s why SEO is a vital part of reaching prospective patients and driving them to book visits. As a health provider, your job is to educate an elusive and occasionally reluctant audience without driving them away.

The challenges of digitally marketing health services to men make an effective SEO strategy even more valuable. The only way to ensure a return on your marketing investment is by utilizing efficient SEO tactics. Read on to learn more about them.

Add More Appointments to Your Men’s Clinic

Clicks, search engine ranking, and website traffic are valuable metrics that confirm that your marketing strategy is translating into better online visibility. But, at the end of the day, booked appointments are the only metric that truly matters.

As expected, there will be some challenges when you start to implement marketing strategies to convert prospective patients.


  • Prioritization: Men often treat health with an out-of-sight, out-of-mind attitude and they are more likely to neglect preventative services. Generally, women receive and accept messages about the value of routine mammography and gynecological exams. On the other hand, you need to communicate to males the overall benefit of routine blood work for health issues like high cholesterol and signs of heart disease. Additionally, you need to demystify procedures like vasectomies and routine screenings for male cancers.
  • Convenience: On-time and reliable service is vital to your practice’s success because men are less willing to set aside time for doctor’s appointments. Visits must be accessible, consistent, and timely if you hope to book and retain patients. Leveraging the growth of telemedicine and web portals can keep patients engaged.
  • Reluctance: The necessary act of booking appointments is enough to turn many patients away. Men, particularly millennial men, are averse to phone calls and hold times. Overwhelmingly, people prefer booking services online. Leveraging texting services and call-back options overcomes one of men’s most often-cited deterrents to booking medical care.
  • Disengagement: Women generally manage their family’s health decisions more than men. This detachment from decision-making for the family bleeds into their removal from their healthcare. Leveraging spouses in a HIIPA-compliant manner can help prompt more male participation.

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Accelerate Your Clinic’s Growth

Your clinic’s growth is directly related to your marketing push and overall understanding of your prospective client pool. Many women’s clinics have moved beyond the model of sterile clinics and cookie-cutter exam rooms.

As reluctant patients, men must be drawn in. Creating a traditionally masculine atmosphere within your practice can eliminate some of the stigma. Additionally, you must consider men’ communal tendencies. User experience is critical.

Timing your marketing push around major sports events like March Madness, The Master’s golf tournament, and the annual Movember movement can attract groups of men for preventative services because they’re more likely to act as a collective.

Men’s Health Digital Marketing Strategies

Leveraging several search engine optimization (SEO) strategies will drive your healthcare marketing push. You need to work with a partner that understands the nature of effective digital marketing and the challenges of marketing health and wellness services to men. That’s why NetLocal can serve as a highly effective marketing partner for your health center. Here are some of the services we provide:

  • Keyword Research: Successful SEO hinges on correctly employing keywords that prospective patients in your area use. Repeating the services you provide and the location of your clinic is not enough–knowledge about your prospects’ demographics and desires is critical. Courting a younger population interested in vasectomies and relying on outmoded keywords will not be effective.
  • Google My Business: Your Google business profile determines how your clinic is presented in apps like Maps and Search. Effectively managing your landing page, description, contact information, and links keeps you in good standing with Google. A well-maintained profile is an excellent snapshot of your practice that can entice users and further legitimize you in their eyes.
  • Content Creation: Search engines value high-quality blog, visual, and video content. Populating your site with informative articles, striking photographs, and unique videos will catapult you up the search rankings. You also need engaging digital media on multiple social media platforms to ensure your brand has a consistent online presence.
  • Quality Links: Smartly-deployed links are vital for keeping your unique visitors engaged. The longer a prospective patient lingers on your site, the more likely they are to book a visit. You need links for specific services to route back to parent pages and FAQs. Patients need to see opportunities to book treatments that interest them. Additionally, linking to reputable outbound sources like prestigious research institutions or national medical associations will elevate your ranking. For example you could link to the Cleveland Clinic in a blog post.

Quality Leads for Quality Appointments

Executing a focused marketing strategy that aligns with the services you provide and courts your target audience is the best way to book appointments. Drilling down with targeted keywords and SEO will help you capture patients.

From there, your diagnostic and treatment skills will help convert an interested user into a new patient.

Why Choose NetLocal

Competition for patients is fierce because patients can only travel so far for healthcare. This makes finding an SEO partner who is technically adept and well-versed in your geographic area even more important.

As a digital marketing agency, NetLocal has the SEO fluency, market knowledge, and collaborative ability to create a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that will capture the attention of your target patients.

We can handle the entire SEO process, from the highly technical aspects of optimizing your site’s performance on Google to the creation of compelling blog content to capture readers’ attention.

Combining your knowledge of the complexities of men’s health services with our SEO capabilities will maximize the effectiveness of your marketing plan. Check out more of our website today to learn more about our services and schedule a free analysis of your site!

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