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Searches for HVAC Services Are Trending Up

As our climate changes the demand for HVAC services will continue to grow. NetLocal HVAC SEO can help you capture this growing demand through google searches.

Today’s consumers rely on the internet more than any other resource for information about products and services. Referrals from a neighbor for a service or choosing a vendor from the phonebook is an alien concept to most of us.

Customers crave the convenience and ease of finding providers through the web. They can research, compare, and contact a business all on one device. As a result, search engines are now the battleground.

NetLocal Local SEO Packages

NetLocal offers a range of Local SEO Packages to help you compete for searchers in your geographic service area.

With the purchase of a local SEO package you will receive a detailed, month to month plan to build your website into the google results algorithm.

Positioning your HVAC company as high as possible on search engines like Google is the only way to compete. Potential clients’ first impression is often formed by where you fall in the list of search results. Your position can determine your conversion rate.

A spot at the top of search engines’ organic search results grants you legitimacy and a steady stream of traffic to your site. From there, you can capture customers and drive sales, robbing your competitors of the chance to even compete with you.

Understanding what your clients search for, engineering your strategy around their behavior, and seizing attention with compelling content marketing is vital to your business’s search visibility. Online marketing simply can’t be overlooked.

Schedule a meeting with the owner for an analysis of the search volume for your business and what it will realistically take to displace your competition in google organic search.

About Our Local SEO Services


Optimization for google local business listings and organic search is our specialty.


We have been driving new client acquisition for our clients through SEO for 10 years now.


Total transparency means total accountability. We create a monthly plan for you to follow.


Our SEO services are on a monthly no contract basis. We will earn your business every month.


All of our processes are data driven. There is no room for gut checks when data is available.


We benchmark each client's data at the start of a campaign and show progress as we proceed.

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HVAC Local SEO Services

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a wide-ranging practice in which you learn about your prospective clients, isolate unique search terms, and ingrain them throughout your marketing to capture the attention of search engines like Google.

Search engines survive by delivering great content to users. They employ algorithms that assess your site’s relevance to search terms, the amount of quality content you have, your site’s reliability, and your web design to rank your site amongst similar providers.

SEO tactics are part science and part art. You need to be fluent in what the search engines want while delivering compelling content to the actual customer. You’re simultaneously courting the search engine and the person at their keyboard.

SEO requires a multilayered strategy in which you create a consistent online presence. Text, video, site mechanics, and social media presence all supply data to the search engines as they filter through websites.

HVAC SEO Company

HVAC SEO is two-fold. It entails optimizing your website so it loads and runs as quickly as possible without committing errors. You have no chance of appearing on the first page of results, let alone at the top, without a reliable website.

Secondly, it requires a deep understanding of your geographic region, your customer’s needs, and how they search. The notion that peppering your site with “best HVAC near me” will drive traffic is a trap.

Knowing if prospects search more often for “HVAC cleaning” or “air conditioner tuneup” is the difference between surviving and thriving. The search terms must then be naturally integrated throughout the site in large-scale and small-scale ways.

Benefits of HVAC SEO

As you surely know, HVAC maintenance and repair is something people overlook until there is an urgent need. Once potential customers need AC repair or any other home services, they want to book quickly. This urgency makes it even more important to be at the very top of search results.

Competition between HVAC providers is fierce. Maximizing your on-page Local SEO helps you while hurting your competitors. Less than half of users make it past the first three search results. Virtually no one goes beyond the first page.

The higher you appear on the list, the fewer chances other HVAC companies have to even get in front of prospective clients. Once you capture clients, you’re able to retain them while steadily feeding yourself new business through organic traffic.

SEO for HVAC Companies

Without a professional and high-ranking site, your business cannot be accurately represented. The lower you rank, the less likely users are to perceive you as trustworthy and dependable.

Without SEO campaigns, you are ceding clients to other HVAC businesses. Proper SEO ensures your company’s contact information, hours, and location flood the internet. Ubiquity and consistency elevate your chances of reaching clients.

HVAC SEO Marketing

Industry Keywords

One of the main challenges of HVAC SEO is the sheer breadth of services. Keyword research is vital for making sure you’re executing effective SEO campaigns.

Using industry-wide target keywords can help you zero in on the most profitable and highest volume areas in which to focus your efforts.

Local Keywords

Exploiting local keywords using Google My Business and other local search tools can drive you toward the top of search rankings. Of course, searches for heating vary between Florida and Minnesota. Focusing on geographic idiosyncrasies and nuances can sharpen your focus, allowing you to capture the most desirable customers in your locality through the power of local SEO.

Secondary Keywords

Drilling deeper and highlighting your diverse service line by dedicating website pages to more specific offerings helps in two ways. First, you capture savvier consumers who know exactly what they want. This vaults you ahead of competitors that offer the same services but neglect to highlight them.

Secondly, search engines such as Google and Bing value links. By dedicating space to separate services, pages can refer to each other, capturing website traffic from your blog or related service categories. Links also draw visitors in by holding their attention and enhancing their user experience. The longer they linger on your web page, the higher you will climb in the rankings.

Linking Structure

Optimization hinges on an orderly and logical flow. Site pages should start broadly and house more detailed and specific pages. Your page explaining air conditioner repair should be housed under your cooling section.

Structure implies reliability and professionalism. That’s why technical SEO practices such as link building and backlink creation are key to your HVAC marketing success.

Website Images

Stock photos and non-relevant images cannot populate your site. Unique and compelling content is vital. Original images of your employees, facility, and product offerings help you stand out.

If you and your competitors all post the same photo of a furnace taken from an image provider, no one is stands out. A high-quality photo from a recent job or your showroom will be unique to you.

Website Code and Structure

Search engines continually refine the way they assess and rank sites. They now factor in metrics assessing the stability, consistency, and security of your site. It must be designed with current and efficient code to rank highly.

Your designer also needs to account for differences between the desktop and mobile versions of your site. It must consistently render correctly on both devices to be deemed worthwhile.

Website Loading Time

Technology has progressed to the point that a difference of seconds matters. Your site can only rank at the top when it loads almost instantly. You need to purge the site of excess code, optimize image sizes, and have a technologically sophisticated host to rank high.

Slow speeds also drive visitors away. Poor site speed hurts your SEO and diminishes the chance of converting a click to a booking.

Review Generation and Management

On sites like Google, no review is almost as bad as a negative review. Your rating will display alongside the link to your HVAC website. It is important to turn satisfied clients into positive reviews.

This involves capturing clients’ attention and persuading them to champion your business. Managing negative reviews is equally important in internet marketing. Responding to negative feedback on public forums shows you’re responsive and accountable to customers.

Competitive Analysis

Winning at SEO means ranking within the top three sites in the Google search results. Metrics such as Google Analytics are freely available to analyze websites. Your competitors’ sites are public and free for you to assess, so there’s no excuse for shirking competitive analysis.

Analyzing the top-ranking HVAC contractors you compete with provides insights into their keyword use, site aesthetics, and content. This will inform how you need to tailor your SEO to supplant them or hold them off.

Analytics and Reporting

Search engines publish the metrics and rationale they use to rank sites. The corresponding data is available so you can measure how you rank. Consistently evaluating your performance is critical.

It allows you to maintain your place at the top of the HVAC industry while reviewing what you’ve achieved to ensure you see the return on your investment.

Affordable SEO Packages

Want a no Obligation SEO Review of Your Website?

SEO fluency is critical for driving your business to the top of search engine results and keeping it there. HVAC is highly competitive and effective SEO requires an in-depth understanding of your prospective customers that informs an all-encompassing digital marketing strategy.

Appearing as one of the first few search results gets you in front of customers. From there, compelling content that loads quickly and reliably will communicate your expertise and trustworthiness.

Engaging the customer and keeping them on your page can exponentially boost your lead generation. After you’ve delivered service, that satisfied customer can then be leveraged to further drive your online visibility.

HVAC SEO services are crucial to your firm’s long-term success. However, not all marketing agencies or marketing companies are created equally. Speak to an HVAC SEO company like NetLocal today to learn about how SEO experts can bring you new customers and take your firm to the next level.