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What approach is used for a Pay Per Click campaign depends on a client’s goals and budget. The two main goals of a Local Internet Marketing PPC campaign are direct sales and branding/visitor engagement.

Most PPC campaigns focus on conversions leading to sales. Because ad spend and sales can directly related it can be easy to measure. But with a large enough budget and an aggressive strategy a client may opt to also use PPC for branding and engagement purposes in hopes of creating a presence in the market place and building sales over the long run.

The two separate goals lead to two different local internet marketing campaign strategies. There is not one “right” way. It really depends on the clients goals and budget. Fewer highly targeted keywords This method is best employed when seeking direct immediate sales from your ad spend. the goal with this approach is not to only build visits to the website.

This approach is focused on conversion percentages and other engagement metrics. We want to get sales, not site is it bragging rights at the dinner party. Keywords are selected using an Online Commercial Intent index and only relevant keywords with a score of .5 or above is included.

There are exceptions of course. We want to generate 100 to 200 keywords. Keyword phrase match type is set at phrase or exact and ads are bid to position between 3 and 5. The match type will limit the impressions of our ad to searchers who type in nearly or exactly an exact match to out keyword phrase. The ad position will reduce the cost per click, improving ROI while also improving conversion rate.The result is a high conversion rate, high click through rate and good ROI.

Analytics and call tracking are used to measure conversions. Better performing keyword positions are bid up and lesser performers are bid down. Keywords that do not convert at all over the long term may be removed all together. But enough data must be first collected to make a determination. Many Keywords (the “Long Tail” approach)

Some clients who hae the budget and are very aggressive may wan to expand the campaign to branding and engaging visitors. Conversions and sales are not ignored but are not the only measure of gain. As long as we are aware of what our goals are and we are tracking them we can make adjustments to maintain a balance between the two. We want anyone who is searching for anything to do with our service or product or any related ones to see our ad.

We not only want to include keywords that are descriptions of what we offer but also of things we might replace…any keyword that might relate to a solution for the searches problem or interest. In this scenario thousands or keyword phrases are generated. This helps us to capture th e”long tail”..all those many keywords that will get only a few searches.

But when you have thousands of keywords they really start to ad up. Even for a local campaign clicks and ad spend can really start to mount. Phrase match will be set at Broad and ads will be bid to position between first and third. The broad match will allow the ad to be shown for any search that includes a word from our keyword phrases. And more searchers will see our ad when it is near the top. Also Other Factors Using competitors names In Reality,

It’s usually a Blend Related topics Using competitors keywords Negative keywords questions you should ask you ppc management firm

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