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Online Marketing Lancaster


You’ve probably heard of SEO, and you may even know that it stands for search engine optimization, but how much do you know about utilizing SEO? What do you know about SEO strategies and putting together SEO campaigns? What about analyzing SEO metrics?

NetLocal has years of experience helping locally-oriented businesses in Lancaster, PA and elsewhere maximize their profits through local SEO implementation, and our results speak for themselves. Read on to learn more about local SEO and how we can help your business meet and exceed its goals.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is the term used for marketing a business locally. Local SEO ensures that the location of the business shows up on search engine results pages. This is done by optimizing a website for certain keywords and phrases that are related to the business’ products or services.

Local SEO can help businesses reach new customers and achieve exponential growth.

Why Do I Need Local SEO?

Your business needs local SEO if your potential customers are using online searches to find local businesses. For example, someone searching for the best pizzeria in Lancaster will see your business on the search engine results page (SERP) displaying a map with its location and phone number.

Why Do I Need Local SEO?

If you want to interact with potential customers and boost your business’s profits, then SEO will be crucial to your gameplan.

Implementing local SEO brings in new customers and keeps them coming back, which can create a steady flow of revenue that helps your business grow. That being said, a strong online presence demands high-quality content that is easily accessible to the customer. It should educate people and encourage them to spend their hard-earned money at your business.

It has been proven that internet-savvy customers do their searching more locally than nationally or internationally, which means there are thousands of potential prospects who’re just a few clicks away from purchasing a product or service from your business!

Benefits of Local SEO

Local SEO can help you reach your target audience and generate more leads and sales. Here are some of its benefits:

– Boosts traffic to your website from local searches and generates more leads

– Improves rankings for your targeted keywords so online users discover you more often

– Improves conversion rate by increasing view counts of key landing pages relevant to your local area

– Builds trust among potential customers, which can lead to an increase in conversions

– Improves search engine ranking of your website

Type 1: Basic Local SEO Strategies

There are many other types of local SEO strategies we can implement to help you further improve your rank in local search. Some examples include:

– Link building

– Citation building (developing and updating business listings on directories like Google+ and Yelp)

– Social media marketing (posting and engaging with customers on social media channels)

– On-page optimization (creating a website that’s optimized for local search, with your location information and business description)

Type 2: Advanced Local SEO Strategies

In addition to the strategies listed above, marketers can take their local SEO efforts a step further by focusing on customer experience.

Some examples of advanced local SEO strategies include:

– Monetizing a strong local brand through pay-per-click advertising and mobile marketing campaigns

– Providing customers with a positive user experience that encourages them to return and potentially become brand ambassadors for your business

– Developing a comprehensive content strategy that establishes your business as a local industry authority

– Building an active, engaged social media community that’s comprised of fans who are passionate about your business

– Link-building with reputable influencers to strengthen your online presence and establish top-of-mind awareness within the industry.


As you can see, local SEO can be the difference between stagnation and growth for your company. If you’re willing to invest in local SEO services, then your revenue will steadily increase and you’ll establish a robust online presence that will last for as long as you maintain it.

NetLocal has the experts to assist you with local SEO, and we’re confident we can help your business bring in more local customers than it ever has before. Check out the rest of our website to learn more about us and the services we offer or to schedule a free analysis of your website.

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