Google My Business

Google My Business is Essential for Local SEO Think about this for a second, whenever someone searches for a business place near their location, they will typically find local results across Google, in places such as Google Maps, or just using a simple Google Search. You can find local results If you search for “Asian …

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Measuring SEO Success

Using Web Analytics to Measure SEO ROI for the Local Business Google Most times reports generated for client consumption are based on keyword ranking. But is that what the client should really concern themselves with? Does having high position for a set of keywords necessarily have real meaning for ROI. I will ponder some of the questions …

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SEO Keyword Strategy

Phase One – Small Business SEO Keyword Research and Strategy The process begins with SEO keyword research and strategy. Our keyword research is extensive. We generate hundreds keyword possibilities, edit out the non-relevant ones, rate the remaining candidates by relevance, popularity and implied intent. We then use other tools to research the competitiveness of each phrase. We …

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Site Wide SEO Updates

While we will be building SEO landing pages targted for specific keyword phrases, it’s important that the entire wbsite be search engine friendly. Some things that google looks at are unique meta tags, xml sitemaps, headings and much more. Each page, and how they are linked together, offers an opportunity for SEO. We will also need to …

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