NetLocal Phone Lead Tracking System

It is important for an internet marketing agency to deliver results and to provide proof of those results.

Conversion tracking provides that proof.

Local Search Engine Marketing conversion tracking has been problematic because many of the contacts come in the form of phone calls. This problem is solved using an online voice services phone tracking system.

Call Tracking Voice Services are Embedded in Our Services
A phone tracking system provides and easy way to demonstrate the effectiveness of each internet marketing channel by placing dynamic trackable phone numbers on a clients website.

Our Dynamic Number Replacement Technology means you can change numbers in online placements on the fly based on important campaign variables such as keywords and search engines.

24/7 Access
Using our phone services portal clients access stats 24/7, such as the number of calls, the internet channel that sourced them and even listen to recorded calls.

The platform is easy to use and can be up and running in a week. Your account manager will provide set up and training when your campaigns go live.

    System Features Include:
  • Tracking number of leads per day
  • Marketing channel source (search engine, pay per click campaign, email…etc)
  • Calls by hour/weekday Reports
  • Calls by sales person Reports
  • Acquisition of both local and toll free numbers
  • Call recording
  • Sales tracking
  • Geographic location of caller reports

Plus More...

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