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SMS text Marketing

Text marketing is a very effective and personalized method of engaging with your customers. By opting to receive a text from your business they have given you permission to connect with the anytime, where ever they are.

By sending txt “blasts” to your customers you have the ability to get specials and updates to them immediately. Unlike email, the mobile device user gets an audio notice that a message has arrived. This immediacy can be used to the advertiser’s advantage.

Cal and Response text platforms allow prospective customers to get you marketing message and business contact details on their mobile device instantly. By using signage and print materials the prospect is prompted to text a “keyword” to 72727. The prospect receives a customized reply within seconds.

NetLocal – Integrating Text marketing with SEO, Mobile Web Design, Social Media and quick Conversion Technologies

The text message does not need to be the end of the conversation. By employing our experience and knowledge of Local Search Engine Optimization, Local Listing Optimization, Mobile Web Design Social Media Marketing and text Messaging Platforms, we can extend the text communication in many directions.

Extending the text conversation is one of the keys to successfully engaging with your customers and prospects through mobile. NetLocal continues to innovate in this domain in an effort to optimize these connections.

While we develop generic platforms that may be used by many for a specific type of business, we also develop custom platforms for companies who wish to gain a competitive edge.

There are many uses of text marketing for generating sales

Because text marketing has been introduced after mobile web, mobile maps, mobile apps, social media…and much more, the opportunities integrate with them seem endless. We, no doubt, will have many more txt marketing platforms in the near future.

To see some current NetLocal txt messaging marketing platforms and uses please review – Text Marketing Inovations – NetLocal


Maps, Apps and WAPs

WAPs? What’s that? It’s not Dr Suess! Learn how NetLocal Mobile Marketing Innovations can put you on the Map.

Mobile Lead Generation Tool for Real Estate Agents

How many steps does it take from a prospects interest in a property and scheduling a showing? The NetLocal Real Estate text Marketing Lead Generation Tool widdles it down to one.

Mobile Statistics

You be surprised! Have a look at the surprising growth in Mobile-Local marketing trends.

Mobile Design

Ever land on a web page with your mobile browser and see just the top left corner of the home page. Happens all the time, right? But it really shouldn’t now that you can have a mobile website design.

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