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SMS text Marketing Potential

In 1997 the Web was considered a platform for static pages with a one way communication line. Search engines were not sophisticated and simply finding anything was nearly impossible.

Many knew there was potential but few had any idea what that potential was. Even Bill Gates famously said he thought the World Wide Web would not have a lasting impact.

We are in a similar phase with Mobile – Local marketing possibilities. The advent of mobile web, apps, maps, text and voice communications holds potential that will be revealed through ingenuity and necessity over time.

Mobile::Local text Message SMS Marketing Innovations

NetLocal has made it our goal to become experts on each of the emerging mobile – local technologies and trends and to also innovate through creative, unique amalgamations based on them.

We do this first through listening. Listening to our stakeholders; especially clients, and our client’s clients. By understanding their needs; observing the ways in which they interact with new mobile – local technologies, and then piecing this together with existing technologies to develop novel approaches to engaging and influencing the mobile customer through sms marketing.

Quick List of Text Marketing Applications

From filling empty seats and appointment slots, to reminders, to instant access, to property information, to just simply staying in touch, text marketing has a multitude of uses. And the technology combined with the mobile platform has endless possibilities.

Real Estate Sales text Marketing

Home buyer leads acquire listing details, pictures and agent contact information instantly while at location of property. In addition the lead is provided with multiple methods of sharing this listing as well as contacting the agent.

Our real estate text marketing lead generation platform includes agent set up with texting prompt lawn signs and instant notification of mobile inquiry with cell phone number for follow up.Real Estate Text Marketing Plans

Take Out Restaurant text Marketing

Opt in customers receive weekly specials via text and mobile web page along with share features, pictures and easy order options. Restaurant receives marketing materials encouraging opt in to text service. Especially for busy families, receiving new ideas for dinner that don’t require clean up is always welcome.

Seated Restaurant text Marketing

Friday and your restaurant reservations are lower than expected. Send out a text blast with a special to fill them. One of the benefits of text marketing is its immediacy. You can send out your blast at 4:00 PM on Friday and be confident that the vast majority of your customers see your text before 5:00 PM.

HVAC Contractor text Marketing

Who actually keeps track of HVAC maintenance schedules? Wouldn’t it be great to get a text reminding you that it is time for your heater or AC update? And what if you could reply to the text to schedule that appointment. Text comes – you read – your schedule. No need to remember or get on the phone with anyone. Done all on your phone from anywhere, quickly.

Auto Repair Maintenance text Marketing

My oil change mileage counter topped off at 999 I don’t know how long ago. Sorry, I’m busy! But if I got a text right now with a feature that allowed me to schedule that appointment easily and quickly I would no doubt stop for a second and do it.

Car Sales text Marketing

Want people passing by your auto sale location to know what you current inventory is? Signage placed in front of your location will prompt anyone interested to allow them to download your mobile web page and search for a vehicle.

Day Spa Salon text Marketing

Coupons, contests, hair stylists who are in today but have big gaps in their schedule. A text blast can get things jumpin’ again, filling seats and rooms.

Dentists and Doctors text Marketing

Appointment reminders and the marketing of services. Need I say more? Well maybe. Teeth whitening special this month that came to me via a appointment text reminder that was also linked to a mobile web offering details, share buttons and easy contact features.

House Painter, roofer, builder, landscaper… any service that routinely puts out lawn signs

Get your portfolio, experience, testimonials and contact information right in the hands of anyone passing by your lawn sign. Your phone number and link to your website will stay in their cell phone as a text until they delete it. Who knows, they may go back and look for it 6 months later and have your info right there in hand; with a phone call one to you click away.

Text Marketing for Apartment Complex

Why not let anyone passing buy see pictures of your apartments along with details of the amenities immediately on their cell phone? Then why not encourage them to share your beautiful apartments with friends via online social media? And that’s not going to be the end of it, no doubt. Stay tuned for more!

Any business that wants to interact directly with customers in a very direct, immediate way at the right time in the right place…Needs to get involved Text Marketing


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