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Basement Lifeguard provides basement waterproofing services to the Philadelphia, PA Metro area. They have been a Netlocal SEO client since 2008. They were one of the first clients that participated in our Geo-Targeted SEO Website Templates.

Basement Lifeguard serves a wide geographic area in outh Eastern Pennsylvania. They wanted to have a search engine presence when customers searched for their service in all four counties that they serve and for each town in those counties. The NetLocal Geo-Targeted SEO Website Templates has allowed them to acheive that goal. Learn About Our SEO Website For Small Business.

As you can see from the report below Basement Lifeguard has 454 First Page Positions on Google and Bing for their most valuable keywords ("basement waterproofing" and "french drain") + geographic locations and zip codes. In addition, they have 175 top (first in natuaral search) positions on Google and Bing combined.

This is why we feel confident in offering a guarantee with this service. See below for a full ranking analysis for Basement Lifeguard Geo-Targeted SEO Website.

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