Keyword Selection for Local SEO Philadelphia

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We want to use keywords that will bring a lot of visitors who are ready to purchase to our sites. At its core that is what keyword selection should achieve. The keywords selected for search engine optimization should be relevant, have a high search volume and be the keywords searchers are using who intend to purchase.

For local SEO we don’t want to find the “Hidden Gems”. They won’t bring us enough traffic, and they may not be the keywords used by searchers who are ready to buy. Local SEO has a very limited target compared to global SEO, so we need to use the hard hitters.

How many keywords to optimize for is dependent on the nature of the slope of keyword/search volume graph and the over all search volume for the overall set. See post on number of keywords to optimize for.

Keyword Selection Methodology

  • Generate a list of probable core keywords.<post for NetLocal definition of a core keyword>
  • Assign an SEO Value to each of the top core keywords.
  • Incorporate Geo-Modifiers

1. Generate a list of probable core keywords

Using online tools <blog post about keyword tools for local> along with common sense, a comprehensive list of likely keywords. There are occasional surprises, but most times you will find that the keywords that get the most search volume are the ones you would expect. We are only interested in the highest volume keywords.

2. Assign an SEO Value to each of the top core keywords.

Keyword SEO value is measured by weighing relevancy, search volume and the Online Commercial Intent Index (OCI)<post defining>. We call the resultant value a Keyword Value Score (KVS). By combining these values to identify our keyword list we are focusing in on keywords that not only get a high degree of search traffic but gets visits from searchers who are in the buying phase of the purchasing process. I like to call these the “money keywords”.

3. Incorporate Geo-Modifiers

Many local businesses optimize for the core keywords and neglect to add the geo-modifiers. Without the geo-modifiers the site competes in a global web search when they are doing business in a limited geographic location. The core keywords alone can easily be used for advertising to a local audience using a PPC campaign that is geo targeted. <blog for PPC local and keyword selection> Geo-modified keywords also tend to have a high conversion rate. This makes sense since someone who is ready to purchase will specifically look for a provider near by.

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