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Beware of anyone selling clicks, especially cheap clicks. Many firms offer a set number of clicks per month at a set rate per click. The per click rate is low relative to what the going google or Bing/Yahoo PPC click charge is and it is tempting.

Clicks or site visits alone are of little value. And cheap clicks are cheap for a reason..i.e. they don’t bring value.

Some things to ask when being offered cheap clicks.

  • What keywords will be used to get these clicks?
  • Where will my ad be shown on?
  • What geo graphic area will it cover?
  • How do I know for sure that the keywords, geo area and sites are what the sales person actually told me?
  • Will I be able to track sources and keywords?
  • What is the term of the contract? If not month to month, why?
  • How much control do I have over the message and how quickly can I make a change?
Keywords – Only certain keywords will get conversions. They need to be relevant and have a strong OCI index. Getting clicks for high volume, less relavant keywords that tend to not convert can be done very cheaply at the per click rate. But they won’t bring sales.

And DO NOT sign a term contract. A reputable agency will allow you to cancel your contract at anytime. If the service is good and you are getting a return, a good firm will be able to demonstrate that to you and show that you are getting sales from the efforts.

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