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With the advent of universal search video is becoming a fast growing online media. The search engines make an effort to serve relevant content in many different forms, not just web  pages. And your youtube video may show up on the first page of their search engine results.

Video production and promotion fees have gone down dramatically over the last year. Currently you can have a video produced and promoted on the major video sites for as little as $499. Learn More>>

Before implementing a video online we need to have top core keywords in hand as well the geo-modifiers. We will also want to write a keyword-rich, short description of the video similar to what would be used for a google local business listing.

There are two general approaches to promoting a video online; by uploading it the video sharing sites and having the video on your website. The later requires optimization for video search engine robots and setting up a video feed. If you have a great video and you want it everywhere there is no reason you can’t do both.  

Video Sharing Sites

For this you become a member of the community and upload your video. They host the video for you and stream it to viewers. Some display vids only from there site (YouTube) and others also display results from a variety of sources (google video, Yahoo! Video and Blinkx)

Here are some: Stumble Upon gets videos from YouTube, MySpace TV, Google video and others.

Video Search Engines Index Videos the videos from your website but don’t host them. This is the focus if we are going to host the video on the client’s site instead of on a video sharing site. is such a site.  

On Website Okay, you have a video on your website…but who cares. The video, just like everything else on the site needs to be optimized so that the video search engines will index it.   Submit a google video sitemap to let google know where your video is and what it is about. This will help google to index it and possibly serve it up. The sitemap allows for a title and description which can be optimized for your keywords.

Put videos on individual URLs. The file name, text surrounding the vid, and links pointing to it need to contain keywords. Video file name should contain descriptive terms separated by dashes. You should also set up a MRSS (Media Real Simple Syndication) feed.  

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