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Philadelphia SEO

SEO is Search Engine Optimization, and it basically means making your website more attractive to the search engines. The more attractive they are, the higher they appear in the results, meaning your site could be among the top few sites listed in the search engines when people search for your name or products and services you offer – if you have good SEO.

The difference between having good SEO and ranking high in a search engine as a business or for a product or service, and doing so on a local level is the amount of in-store traffic you attract. Sites working from a national or international level are always going to be competitive in certain keywords and phrases, but they do not have a brick and mortar store for online users to visit. Those looking for your site online are many times seeking just such a place. That is why your local store needs Philadelphia SEO, not just generalized optimization.

Remember that you are not just looking to draw traffic and hits from faceless visitors, but to attract actual potential customers who may one day visit your site. Even if they continue to remain online customers only, they will choose your site over others like it specifically for its local flavor and attitude – things the national sites and brands lack. Philadelphia SEO brings in Philadelphians and those familiar with the culture and its surroundings, thus building brand loyalty in addition to good marketing.

Search engine optimization is mainly for attracting hits by improving a site’s standing in the search engines, but localized SEO efforts go far beyond that. Local SEO is meant to attract customers to a local business, even if there is no brick-and-mortar store to back it up. While random visitors might not “get” the feel and attitude you are going for, locals will feel right at home and every visitor is a potential customer. So don’t waste money on generalized SEO; go for the local Philadelphia SEO efforts to get a better return on your results all the way around.

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