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Why you need to be online

1. Most of your competition doesn’t have a local internet marketing plan and most people are searching for your product or service online.

2. You can target your advertising much better than tradition advertising allows.

3. You can track conversions and gather in depth information about where, when and how people found you.

4. You can track prospects viewing behavior of your advertisements

5. The ROI is consistently higher on web marketing than for traditional advertising.

6. You can do much of the work yourself, making it more cost effective and giving you greater control and flexibility.

Studies show that as of 2010 80% of internet user us he web to search for local businesses and only 30% of local businesses have a web marketing plan. This presents a great opportunity for the local businesses that are in the game. And this trend continues to increase. More and more of your customers are jumping on their laptop or smart phone to find your service.

In fact, for many people if they don’t find you on the web in the top three positions and your website doesn’t look professional they will write you off as a poor choice. And your business will suffer.

Web marketing also has substantial benefits over traditional advertising in ability to target and measure results. TV, radio and print advertising use a “shot gun” approach. You reach a lot of people but most of them are not interested and many may not even be in your core customer demographic.

There are several types of local search marketing but all of them will allow you to target with much better precision than traditional methods. Not only that but you can track, in very fine detail, the behavior of visitors to your site allowing you to measure the results of your investment. All of this will be covered in subsequent chapters.

Bottom line; every dollar you spend on local internet marketing advertising will return a better return than with traditional adverting and you will actually be able to measure that return.

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