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March 22,2011

Online Reputation Management For Search Engine Optimization

It’s not uncommon for a searcher to search with the keyword <your business name> + reviews.

What they find will influence their buying decisions.

You may have just searched for reviews with your business name after reading the above paragraph. You may see the usual citysearch, yahoo local, insider pages, google places, etc if there are reviews for your business online.

In this newsletter we’re going to discuss how to manage your online reputation using these websites and other search engine optimization methods.


As mentioned above, by searching “<your business name> + reviews” you will see what your customer prospects will find when they search to find reviews on your business. Other sites that may inform your customer’s buying decisions are and It’s a good idea to have a look occasionally do a search on those sites.

Another, less passive method is to set up a google alert using your business name. This method won’t capture reviews posted on the above review sites but it will let you know when you are mentioned in an article, new web page, blog, etc. You can also use google alerts to monitor activity on your important keywords and your competition.

Managing Negative Reviews

No matter how great your customer service is you will eventually get a negative review. So the question is “how will you handle it?”. The answer is simpler than you think. Just ask yourself, how would you handle an unhappy customer who called you with a complaint?

Since your customer service is the best, you would naturally be gracious, and thankful to the caller for bringing this issue to light for you. You wouldn’t be defensive and hurt, right? So, go on to the website where the negative post was made and show them your charms.

As a business owner you know that a customer with a problem can be turned into a great opportunity to gain a lifetime client. Well on the web this is magnified because many other searchers can see how well you handle problems. Don’t be afraid of the bad reviews, embrace them.

Spread the Love

Having no negative reviews is unrealistic. But if searchers find two bad reviews and nothing else online they will assume you s*ck. Show them you don’t. Here’s how.

First get your happy customers to give you testimonials. There are many ways, from asking them directly to joining their Linkedin network and asking through the system. We do that for NetLocal and it has worked well.

Next, spread the love - post the good reviews on the review sites yourself, or as our clients do, have us do it. These are real reviews we’re talking about, we’re not BSing anyone. The good reviews will help balance any negative ones and if you have no negative reviews, well, all the better.

The other love spreading you can do is to put these reviews on your website on a testimonial page and optimize the page for “<your business name>+reviews”. If you (or we do it for you) do a good job this page appear is searches.

One of the technologies we use to optimize testimonial pages for google is rich Snippets code. Google recognizes certain rich snippets that allow the web designer to specify certain items on a web page. If your reviews aren’t specified as reviews to google, the search engine treats the copy as any other text on your page. We use this as standard for testimonial pages.

Video testimonials also work very well. These can be optimized on YouTube and embeded on your testimonial page. Not only will it help to optimize your testimonials page but, if your YouTube video is optimized properly, the YouTube video itself will come up in a google search.

See our optimized testimonials page using rich snippets for an example.

So don’t be afraid of online reviews. Embrace them, make them your friend and enlist their powers for good.

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We like this new website that we recently designed for The Hope Chest for it's modern, clean and simple look. We have added added it to our SEO Web Design portfolio.

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March 8, 2011

Yahoo Search Results Now Supplied by Bing

As of this past Autumn 2010 Yahoo no longer employs their own search search algorithm. Instead, yahoo search is now being fed by Bing.

Yahoo search results now mirror Bing search results. So if you are optimized for Bing you are optimized for Yahoo as well.

And to be honest, Bing search results aren’t that different from Google. When MSN introduced their Bing search engine a couple years ago it was apparent that they had changed their algorithm to be more like google.

So that means if you are optimized for Google you are now optimized for Bing and Yahoo as well. The good news is that we always do our search engine optimization for google. Since google gets over 70% of all web searches we didn’t think it made sense to focus on the other search engines. It didn’t make sense it terms of the effort needed for the number of leads it could generate.

Bing is also now feeding Yahoo Pay Per Click. This has made it easier to manage the two because there is now only one interface.

Featured Website Design - Don's Salad

We just finished a re-design for Don’s Salads. The company was looking for a more modern look and more interactive features. We are happy with the way things came out and have added it to our SEO web design portfolio.

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