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Something often missed in the Local Search Engine Optimization process is the fact that the goal of most local businesses is to acquire sales.

Search Engine Results Page (SERP) rank position should not be the final goal. We should strive to connect, engage and influence the customer through our Local Search Engine Optimization and design efforts. And we should have a way to measure the results of our Local Search Optimization in these terms, not just by Google® search positions.

This requires a business minded, straight forward approach to Local SEO. We need to know the competition and learn how to take their position. We also need to know what keywords are producing conversions.

There is limited SERP real estate for any given keyword phrase. If we are going to gain a position, another site must be displaced--there is no getting around it.

In addition, once a desired position is acquired we need to leverage it. You should stand out from the crowd and present a compelling message. Once the customer is on your landing page we need to influence them to the goal we have in mind. This is the essence of conversion oriented Local SEO.

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One of the three legs of local search marketing strategy, local listings can bring leads who are at the very end of the buying cycle. They are looking for a provider near them because they are ready to purchase. Learn More>>

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