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Our approach to PPC management is geared to focus on getting our clients the most for their ppc click spend, not to simply spend their money on clicks. We both benefit when our clients minimize their spend and maximize conversions. And that is what you pay us to do, anyway.

Exclusivity of Our SEO Services - As a part of our Pay Per Click Advertising services NetLocal takes only one full service PPC client per industry / product / service per geographic area. We won't provide PPC services to our full service client's competitors.

Conversion Tracking - Our PPC services include conversion tracking and analytics to deliver proof of results in business terms.

Embedded Call Tracking Voice Services - All of our Pay Per Click Advertising clients are provided with our Call Tracking Voice Services to monitor and measure phone leads.

PPC Services

Month to Month Agreement - There is no term to our Pay Per Click management agreements. All services are provided on a month to month basis.

Account set up

Competitive Research - We will perform an analysis of your competition and along with you, develop a strategy to compete. This is sometimes the single most important step for a successful PPC campaign.

Keyword Research and Generation - We will research and generate a list of relevant keywords to be used for the campaign. The keywords are then rated for search traffic and Online Commercial Intent to determine value. This will aid in selection and the initial bidding process. Our keyword research also includes negative keywords which are used to avoid clicks that do not lead to conversions. [Read more about our process]

Ad Writing and Landing Page Design - Based on the strategy developed in the competitive research phase we will write ads to be used for the campaign and provide design services to create a landing page that will convert.

Initial Campaign Set up for google, Yahoo and MSN - Includes geo targeting, keyword and ad configuration, keyword match typing, negative keyword configuration and all other administratives.

Ongoing Account Optimization

NetLocal Call Tracking Voice Services - Included with our PPC service. Your account manager will provide set up and initial interface training. [details]

Keyword Bid Management to Maximize Conversions - Initial bids will be based on keyword value scoring. NetLocal search marketing firm will track conversion and engagement analytic metrics and adjust bidding to maximize return.

Continued New Keyword Generation - Based on keyword discovered through analytics tracking we will update your keyword base with keywords that have high value to promote continued conversions.

Ad Updates - Click through rates and conversions will be tracked to improve quality score and conversions. Quality score is important to realizing the best price per click. [quality score details from google]

Landing Page Variation Testing - We may perform ongoing A/B testing for landing pages to improve conversions. NetLocal can provide set up, consultation and design services to perform testing.

Monthly analytics reports - Monthly analytics reports focused on conversions and engagement metrics. Reports will seek to explain trends and traffic source performance in order to take action for improvements.

On going consultation on campaign - We will provide ongoing consultation to continually improve results. We listen to our clients and discuss the implications of reports. We are always seeking ways to help our clients achieve a better ROI.


NetLocal has a dedicated team of experienced Pay Per Click Advertising professionals with expertise in LOCAL, who will maximize your conversions on all major search engines, including Google, Yahoo, and MSN.


What Makes Us Different?

Transparency and an obsession with conversions and ROI. That in a nut shell is what makes NetLocal Pay Per Click Managers different.

NetLocal PPC Methodology

We don't "wing it". We have a well thought out, well tested process we use for every campaign. As a local pay per click company we have developed a targeted approach to squeeze as much business our of every click you pay for.

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