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Pay Per Click advertising can serve as the ultimate direct marketing channel for several reasons.

  • Your ad is shown only to people who are actively searching for what you offer
  • You pay only when someone clicks your ad
  • You have full control over the ad copy and can change it quickly
  • You can experiment and track results easily
  • Your landing page message can be designed to address specific keyword searches
  • You can easily track conversions and other analytics

Yet so many business owners still fail at Pay Per Click advertising.

This is because the system that allows such great direct marketing also creates a great deal of direct competition.

To succeed all aspects of a campaign must be well thought out with your direct competitors in mind. From the keywords that are used, to the landing page and conversion tracking system, every step must be optimized.

Adwords Quality Score can also make or brake your PPC campaigns. With a high quality score you can pay less per click than your competition for a better position. This will result in more leads at a lower average cost per lead than your competition.

With Geo Targeted Pay Per Click campaigns your ads will be shown to only searchers who search from your service area. Adwords allows for custom geo targeting to for advertising to very specific geo areas.

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Our PPC Approach

To ensure we are a well run, sales producing search marketing firm we have developed a methodology that has a proven track record. Our experience as a Pay Per Click Company has helped us to develop a defined process for success

Proof Of Results

Unlike traditional advertising, with NetLocal Pay Per Click advertisers embed conversion tracking systems you will know exactly how many leads you are receiving from our efforts. Every PPC campaign comes with phone tracking and analytics for tracking your conversions.

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