Mobile Website Design

Mobile is the fastest growing online search segment

mobile web design philadelphia More and more your customers are searching for your services on their mobile devices.

In 2009 only 19% of cell phone users had smart phones. By the end of 2011 smart phone ownership is protected to be over 50% of total cell phone market. See Chart

As more people switch to smart phones and services and ease of use improves online search for Local products and services will accelerate.

Businesses that are easy to find and websites that are easy to access via smart phones will have a huge advantage.

Why Get a Mobile Web Design?

  • Faster Download Speeds
  • Easy Navigation
  • Full page rendering in smart phone screen
  • Seamless click to call features
  • Better overall usability


Click to Call

Make it easy for searchers to contact you. Mobile offers convenient click to call features that improve conversions. Your mobile website will be implemented with click to call capabilities.

Faster Download Speeds

Patience is not a web searchers virtue. The longer s searcher must wait for your website to download the more likely they are to move on and try someone else. mobile websites are designed for fast download.

Full Page Rendering

Yes, smart phones download web pages. So for a mobile searcher to view your site they don't have to have a mobile site. But seeing only a tiny part of the web page at one time while on your mobile device does not provide a good web experience.

Easy Navigation

Navigating a standard website using a mobile device is slow and difficult. Mobile websites are designed for easy and quick navigation to the most important content on your website.

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