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  1. Keyword Selection for small business SEO
  2. Competitive Research
  3. Landing Page Optimization
  4. Off Page Optimization
  5. Conversion Tracking and Analytics

1. Keyword Selection for Affordable Small Business SEO

Keywords for affordable small business SEO are chosen based on relevancy, average monthly searches and Online Commercial Intent index. Using these metrics we give each keyword phrase a Keyword Value Score for a rating. The Keyword Value Score represents the probable relative commercial viability of a phrase.

As part of our small business SEO services the list of keyword phrases are sorted by Keyword Value Score. Using this ranking and an assessment of competitive factors as a guide keywords are selected that will bring not only the most site visits, but the most visits from searchers who are ready to make a purchase. This is an important facet of conversion oriented Local Business SEO.

This core set of keyword phrases is then combined with geo-modifiers; the cities, towns, states, townships…etc that your customers are searching for. This better targets the internet marketing efforts, and since geo-modified keywords tend to have a high conversion rate, enhances the return.

More details on keyword selection process.

2. Local Small Business SEO Services - Competitive Research

With keywords in hand the next step is to assess the competition. Any good local search optimization plan will consider the competition. This will give us an idea of the time and effort that will be required to take a top three position. We can also identify the resources that the competition is using and use them ourselves.

At this point we are going to want to try and view the SERP as a searcher would. What do they see and what grabs their attention? We will want to write titles and descriptions that will allow us to stand out and make a statement. And we will want to know how this compares to our competition. Ignoring or underestimating the competition is always a mistake and can be corrected with good small business SEO services.

3. Landing Page Optimization

Each page of the website should be treated as a landing page that may be presented to the searcher through a relevant search. And each page should be optimized for its own set of keywords. The design, message and goals of each page should correspond directly with the keywords that have been assigned to it.

The title and description for each page must be stand out in relationship to the competition. The benefits of using a compelling title and description combined with conversion oriented keyword phrases is two fold. First, we will attract more customers to our site where we can influence them to take further action. And secondly, google incorporates click through rate into its ranking algorithm. So having a higher Click Through Rate % (CTR %) will also help boost rank.

There a set of technical tasks that are standard for each page to help achieve ranking. And we want to make sure that we are using our targeted keywords and latent semantic content in the copy. But this should never interfere with the site visitor’s experience. The writing must feel natural and be compelling. It must be scanable and informative at the same time. We want to always keep in mind the engage and influence paradigm for page optimization

4. Affordable Small Business SEO Off Page Optimization

Most of the local search engine optimization services actually take place off of the website we are optimizing. One of the things that made Google the most widely used search engine is their algorithm that weights web page relevance using inbound links. A website can achieve indexing and some page ranking through on page optimization only but for competitive keywords off page optimization is required to achieve first page rank.

Along with link building, off page activities include blog writing, directory submissions, social media and forum participation. There is an endless list of initiatives for off page SEO. And since off page SEO always links to our website it can also be a source off direct traffic. So it not only will help build page rank but also bring direct traffic.

6. Conversion Tracking and Analytics

Once our small business SEO services are underway and we are receiving site visits, conversion tracking and analytics are important to assess results and make adjustments. Our Affordable small business SEO utilizes call tracking and analytics tools to measure results. Not only do we want to know what our rank is for the keywords we are optimizing for, but we will also want to know if the investment we are making is paying off.

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